Top 10 Tips for Booking Corporate Entertainment

Hiring entertainment for a corporate event is an important responsibility. Having performed over 5,000 shows in every circumstance imaginable I feel both obligated and qualified to share these corporate entertainment booking tips with you.

Since David Letterman is retiring this year, I thought it fitting to provide these tips in a format he's made famous. So, without further adieu, drum roll please Paul Shaffer.

Remembering Houdini

Houdini died on October 31, 1926. As a young Magician, I was fascinated by his life story and read a lot about the legendary performer over the years. As an old(er) Mentalist now, I am still reminded of his amazing legacy several times a year. I always think of Houdini on the anniversary of his death (he died on Halloween day due to a ruptured appendix).

Reviews of Steve Martin

Here's my review of Steve Martin: "I love Steve Martin!"

This quote of his caught my eye today. It inspired me to look for more of his writing. This lead me to Amazon, and... I was reading reviews of Steve Martinís book, "Born Standing UP: A Comic's Life". There are (at this time) 650 reviews, mostly positive, with a 4.5 start rating.

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