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Client Centric

These New York Times Best-Selling Authors Agree...

"This powerful, practical book teaches the inner game of success, how to unlock your sales potential & how to make more sales, faster & easier than ever before."
Brian Tracy, author of Advanced Selling Skills

"A mind-expanding book explaining the secrets of hypnotic influence. Easy reading, easy to implement, and easy to get more sales with it."
Dr. Joe Vitale, author of Hypnotic Writing

"I encourage anyone wishing to apply millionaire thinking to their business to read Client Centric. It provides a unique approach to marketing and wealth building."
T. Harv Eker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

"Anyone doing business in our new economy will benefit from these lessons. Simple ways to leverage your customer's experience to generate a lot more business."
Joel Comm, author of Twitter Power

Randy's keynote is based on the three parts of his recent #1 best selling book, Client Centric. The presentation can be customized to focus on specific topics related to Customer Service, Corporate Culture, Sales, Marketing, or Branding. All of Randy's presentations involve Mindset and infused with his unique brand of comedic entertainment.

CLIENT CENTRIC: 3 Steps to Attract and Retain High-Value Clients

Step 1: Creates the Client Centric MINDSET
Step 2: Creates the Client Centric MESSAGE
Step 3: Creates the Client Centric MARKETING

What It Means to be Client Centric:

A business with a Client Centric culture is detail oriented and client-focused. They realize how delivering amazing customer service is only part of the entire client experience. This Keynote demonstrates how small changes cause significant bottom-line growth. Discover how to apply a Client Centric mindset, messaging and marketing to organically boost your sales and referrals.

Why be Client Centric?

In today’s age of distraction and high-tech world, consumers crave attention to their needs and desires. They want to be heard and treated fairly. Most businesses fail to meet even the most basic of customer service standards. A company with a Client Centric culture digs deep into their client’s experience at all levels. By demonstrating a client-first approach from initial exposure to your brand, through the lifetime of the client relationship, the Client Centric company will attract the most desirable of clients. As a result of being Client Centric, your company will help more people, receive more joy, and make more money.

Who Should be Client Centric?

All levels of your organization benefit from being Client Centric. The Client Centric Culture applies to your organizations internal and external clients. You’ll learn how to create and spread your consistent brand voice, and align your communication with your values and purpose. This culture will resonate in all stages of your client experience to have your brand stand out and shine in a crowded marketplace.

What You Will Take Away from this Keynote:

  • How your Client Centric organization won’t ever need to compete on price.
  • How your Client Centric organization doesn’t always have to be perfect.
  • How your Client Centric organization will render the competition irrelevant.
  • How to program your mind to become Client Centric.
  • How to emulate show-business to deliver an amazing Client Experience.
  • How to build confidence and trust through Client Centric marketing.

Lana Pulver, Young Presidents Organization

"Randy was engaging, entertaining, thought provoking and had everyone focused and in the right mood for our day. He had our audience laughing and completely captivated. Throughout the entire conference we overheard many people raving about Randy."

Jim Rogers, Million Dollar Roundtable

"Randy thoroughly engaged our audience as our opening keynote speaker. He truly is amazing!"

Marsha Harris, Microsoft

"I've heard nothing but GREAT things about your presentation. Everyone LOVED it!"

Jim Pattison
Jim Pattison, The Jim Pattison Group

"Your presentations are always fascinating."

Aaron Langman, Walmart Event Producer

"Randy, you were fantastic!! I was in back and all 7500 Walmart associates loved you. Thanks so much for cleverly tying your message into the Walmart theme!!"

Stacy Houselholder, National Conference of State Legislatures

"Randy was such a professional to work with. He was willing to have multiple calls ahead of the meeting to really get to know our audience, and expressed clearly what he was going to cover. Onsite, he entertained the group while providing great communication advice to our advanced group. He kept the audience engaged by constantly involving them, inviting them on stage and making them feel comfortable through humor. Many attendees said it was the perfect way to end their conference."

Cyndi Graham, International Association of Canine Professionals

"Randy - I don't even know the words that would express how much we enjoyed your presentation! You were the talk of the conference!!! What a fabulous amazing job!"

Uni Carriers
James J. Radous III, UniCarriers America Corporation

"Randy provided a unique way to entertain, educate, and engage our awarded dealers. Not an easy task! His intriguing presentation created many memorable moments. Made this our most memorable awards dinner ever! Many thanks!"