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Randy Charach is a uniquely qualified Keynote Speaker and Seminar Leader.
He has 35 years of experience as a professional MENTALIST & HYPNOTIST.

Randy delivers powerful Keynotes on MARKETING & COMMUNICATION .

Infusing his amazing and hilarious feats of psychological magic with personal anecdotes and practical methods, Randy always provides unforgettable presentations. His speeches are always fun, interactive and provide great take-away value.

Client Centric

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"This powerful, practical book teaches the inner game of success, how to unlock your sales potential & how to make more sales, faster & easier than ever before."
Brian Tracy, author of Advanced Selling Skills

"A mind-expanding book explaining the secrets of hypnotic influence. Easy reading, easy to implement, and easy to get more sales with it."
Dr. Joe Vitale, author of Hypnotic Writing

"I encourage anyone wishing to apply millionaire thinking to their business to read Client Centric. It provides a unique approach to marketing and wealth building."
T. Harv Eker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

"Anyone doing business in our new economy will benefit from these lessons. Simple ways to leverage your customer's experience to generate a lot more business."
Joel Comm, author of Twitter Power


1. MindFlow 'Holistic Communication'

How often do you find yourself completely in the NOW and fully present? Where your mind is laser focused on a single activity…
That's what Randy calls MindFlow. He teaches others exactly how to get into MindFlow in his highly entertaining and impactful presentation.

Randy shares methods to gain control of inner thoughts in order to achieve greater results in your business and personal life. Randy's MindFlow methods foster a state of mindfulness which is the practice of purposely focusing your attention on the present moment and accepting it without judgment.

Your delegates will learn simple mind-tricks they can apply immediately to stay focused in this "Age of Distraction".

In Randy's Keynote Speech Mind Flow, Your Audience Will Immediately be Able to:

  • Be fully engaged when communicating with others.
  • Form deeper connections and become more persuasive.
  • Avoid interrupting thought patterns and achieve greater clarity.
  • Transform negative thoughts into useful activity.

2. PERSUASION 'Getting to YES'

There's a way we can use language and gestures in what appears to be normal conversation in order to persuade and influence others. In fact, we can do this in such a way as to influence others on a subconscious level so they never know what triggered their positive response to our suggestions.

The techniques Randy shares in this presentation will empower your participants to do exactly this with absolute certainty. They'll learn special words, phrases and gestures to get anyone to do what you want with absolute certainty.

They'll learn to get anyone into a highly suggestible state before implanting subconscious commands into their unconscious mind.

In Randy’s Keynote Speech PERSUASION, Your Audience Will Immediately be Able to:

  • Build rapport instantly with anyone.
  • Read body language to uncover hidden thoughts.
  • Set the stage for agreement.
  • Use hypnotic language to influence decisions.

MindFlow 'Holistic Communication' is perfect for general staff and association members. It's fun, inspiring, and beneficial to everyone. PERSUASION 'Getting to Yes' is targeted for sales professionals and management. It's still fun and inspiring, just a little more 'hard-core' than Mind Flow. They both teach advanced communication skills.

Both presentations are typically 1 hour in length and include demonstrations of Mentalism and Hypnosis. A full day seminar with in-depth coverage of the principles and methodology of both keynotes is also available. Ask about customized presentations too!

Powerful Content Infused with Amazing Entertainment!

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Randy speaks on Persuasive Communication. He provides practical take-aways while presenting in an interactive and unique format. He utilizes his skills as an Entertainer, Magician, Mentalist and Hypnotist to illustrate his points. It's a fun and informative session which can be customized for your audience.

"Kept the Audience Engaged"


Randy was such a professional to work with. He was willing to have multiple calls ahead of the meeting to really get to know our audience, and expressed clearly what he was going to cover. Onsite, he entertained the group while providing great communication advice to our advanced group. He kept the audience engaged by constantly involving them, inviting them on stage and making them feel comfortable through humor. Many attendees said it was the perfect way to end their conference.

- Stacy Householder
National Conference of State Legislatures