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Randy Charach Show Demo

Watch Randy in Action as he Performs Comedy, Mind-Reading and Hypnosis.

Randy Charach on TV Talk Show "VIA MIA"

Watch as Randy hypnotizes the producer of the show and see the surprising and emotional response.

Randy Charach Guest Expert on Headline News (HLN)

Randy often appears on major national television shows both as an entertainer, expert and guest personality.

Randy Charach | "The Liquidator" Reality TV Show

Watch Randy attempt to read the devious mind of Jeff Schwarz. See if Randy can use his skills to get a good deal.

Randy Charach | Mind Hacker Television Series

Watch this teaser and see a sample of Randy helping people with their problems using his amazing skills.

Randy Charach on TV Talk Show "Urban Rush"

Randy promotes an upcoming run of shows for charity. He also reads the mind of host Fiona Forbes while he's there.

Randy Charach

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"Diversification Draws Raves"
Vancouver Sun
"Jaw Dropping Entertainment"
New York Times
"Incredibly Funny"
Chicago Tribune
"Mind Blowing"
Las Vegas Sun
"Nonstop Interactive Fun"
LA Times