Shows: Randy can present for as short as needed, and up to 75 minutes. Typical shows are 45-60 minutes in length and begin with mentalism and often conclude with hypnosis. Content can be customized.

Keynotes: All presentations combine entertainment with a strong, practical message. Speeches range from as short as the client desires and typically are 45-60 minutes in length.

Seminars: Educational and interactive seminars and workshops run from 1 to 3 hours in length.

Speech + Seminar Topics: The importance of delivering an amazing client experience forms the foundation for Randy's presentations. Specific messaging and takeaways are customized and can focus on one or more of the chapters in Randy's latest book, Client Centric. The topics relate to sales, marketing, mindset (mental focus), and communication.

All presentations are fun and inspiring. The amount of content versus entertainment, as well as customization of the message, will be determined by client preference and discussion.

Randy's presentations have entertained and inspired thousands of people worldwide.


CLIENT CENTRIC Corporate Culture

"A Success Mindset Throughout Your Organization"

Format: 45-60 Minute Keynote, 1-2 hour breakout

Internal and external clients; how your interaction affects the entire company.

This program is perfect for:

  • Management
  • Support Staff
  • Suppliers

Your audience will leave with:

  • Methods to positively open their mindset for success
  • A better understanding of their internal and external clients
  • Team oriented support systems to benefit all company contacts

Serve your clients in unity within your corporate culture.

CLIENT CENTRIC Customer Service

"Customer Service on Steroids"

Format: 45-60 Minute Keynote, 1-2 hour breakout

Be high-touch in a high-tech world by delivering a memorable client experience.

This program is perfect for:

  • Front Line Staff
  • Service Providers
  • Business Owners

Your audience will leave with:

  • Small things that make a big difference
  • A customer service mindset
  • Tips and tricks to become memorable

Take customer service to the next level with this amazing program.


"Grow Your Business With An Amazing Client Experience"

Format: 45-60 Minute Keynote, 1-2 hour breakout

Randy reveals the secrets of providing an outstanding client experience from initial brand exposure through lifetime client relationships.

This program is perfect for:

  • Management
  • Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs

Your audience will leave with:

  • A client-first mindset
  • A formula for creating and spreading their brand story
  • Learn the secrets of top persuaders and influencers.

Business growth with a client-first approach.


"How to Be a Marketing Magician"

Format: 45-60 Minute Keynote, 1-2 hour breakout

The latest marketing methods revealed. It's not magic, but it works like magic.

This program is perfect for:

  • Salespeople
  • Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs

Your audience will leave with:

  • Social Media shortcuts that spread your message
  • Online Marketing secrets the gurus won't tell you
  • Direct advertising methods that work in any market

Discover the Secrets of the Millionaire Magician.



Randy Charach makes Mind Reading Fun! His unique Comedy ESP Show (Mentalism) is an INTERACTIVE COMEDY SHOW unlike all others. Randy blends his skills as a HEADLINE COMEDIAN and MIND MAGICIAN to take your audience on an amazing journey they will never forget.

Randy is available for Corporate Entertainment as the Corporate Mentalist. He also performs at both intimate and large private and public events. His show and comedy is custom tailored for each audience. Always Clean, always Funny and always Amazing!

Prepare to be amazed as Randy reveals the names of audience member's pets, accurately makes impossible predictions, can see while blindfolded, and so much more! No private or embarrassing information is ever revealed and the show is as funny as it is incredible.


The Randy Charach Interactive Comedy Hypnosis Show is unlike any other! Randy is a certified stage Hypnotist. He's also a Headline Comedian and award winning Mentalist. From the moment the show starts the fun and laughter begins with funny stand-up comedy relatable to each audience.

Once the group is warmed up and feeling connected to Randy, audience members are invited to have their thoughts read in amazing and hilarious ways. Now, as the anticipation of the feature portion of the show approaches, Randy demonstrates to the entire audience what Hypnosis looks and feels like.

Unlike typical Hypnosis shows, this build up and the eventual placing of people on stage into hypnosis is as fun, exciting and hilarious as the rest of the show. All questions, concerns and skepticism about Hypnosis are satisfied as the audience watch in amazement as people they personally know enter a trance like state and become the true stars of the show.


Your audience is warmed-up with Randy's comedy and mind-blowing mind-reading. Then things heat up as some members of the audience are hypnotized. This a combination of Randy's full Mentalism and Hypnosis Show.


"Customized Entertainment with a Memorable Message"

Format: 45-60 Minute Stage Show

Customized entertainment with a meaningful message.

This program is perfect for:

  • Award Nights
  • Fund Raisers
  • Associations
  • Sales Meetings

Popular message options are:

  • Mental Strength and Mindfulness
  • Humor in the Workplace
  • Leadership Strategies
  • The Magic of (fill in your theme

Edutainment: Featuring Magic, Mentalism, Hypnosis, Humor.

EMCEE / MC/ Master Of Ceremonies

Randy has hosted every type of corporate event there is - general sessions, awards banquets, game shows, talk shows, and panel sessions.

With a vast array of corporate-appropriate comedy magic and mind-reading material, Randy will keep your attendees engaged every step of the way.

With three decades of live performance and television experience, Randy has the ability to think on the spot and deal with any situation.

As emcee of your event, Randy will keep your program moving along at your desired pace. He will weave your theme throughout the event, and provide clarity and fun along the way.

Randy Charach is the consummate professional. He will help make your event more meaningful, magical, and memorable.