Is Ronald McDonald Dead?

Randy Charach as Ronald McDonald So, in Pilates class this morning; as if I donít get picked on enough being the only dude in a small studio full of housewives; I made the mistake of revealing that I was once Ronald McDonald the famous hamburger clown! Oh boy, did they love that one.

"Ha-Ha-Ha, from now on we'll call you Ronny! Bring us hamburgers next time; Randy Ronald!"

Is Ronald McDonald Dead?

One of the women mentioned she was at the new Michael Jackson, Cirque show in Vegas. I shared that a friend of mine was to be the clown in that show until the Jackson family said there is to be no clown. Then the conversation went to clowns. Yes, this is all while we are working out. As soon as I told them I was Ronald for six years (many years ago); the crowd went wild. Yes, this is me as Ronald in the photo.

I actually don't like a lot of attention when I'm not performing. Anyway, not a big deal. It did get me thinking though; is there still a Ronald? Haven't seen him around for awhile. I Google'd "Is Ronald McDonald...?" and found some interesting stuff on Wikipedia and some amusing comments on Yahoo Answers. Bottom line Ė seems as though Ronald is retired. Now, I still do have the complete outfit in my closet though.

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