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There is no set minimum notice needed to make a booking. While Randy does have dates booked as far as 1 year in advance, he's not booked every day. It may work out that a last minute date is available and if he can get to you in time to do a show he will. Just contact us as soon as you know your date and we'll accommodate you if the date is open at that time.
There is no set minimum or maximum size of audience. Randy has performed for as few as a handful of people at VIP gatherings and during close-up performances. He's also performed on stages with audiences of thousands. Technical requirements vary based on size of audience and venue and that will all be thought through and arranged well in advance of the performance.
Yes! Your event is different than everyone else's. For the biggest positive impact on your group, Randy will always be sure to present the perfect mix of show content. Further steps to personalize or customize the performance can be taken to whatever levels you desire.
Probably. So far, he's traveled and performed in 6 of the 7 Continents of the World. If you happen to be holding your event in Antarctica please contact us now for a special rate! Randy would love to add that to his list so he can boast that he's performed in every continent in the World. Just kidding. Not really!
Yes! Like all businesses should be, rest assured Randy is covered by an extensive 2 Million Dollar insurance policy. In the unlikely occurrence of a claim arising from his performance, you need not worry!
The technical rider for Randy's show, as is the contract agreement is very simple. The basic requirement is for a properly lit performance area and one microphone with adequate sound for the room. If Hypnosis is the show or part of the performance you are booking, chairs will also be required. Rest assured, the exact requirements will be minimal and fully disclosed and agreed upon prior to execution of the performance contract.
Yes, the show is 100% clean. It is an adult comedy show and not a kid's magic show so it's not really appropriate to book Randy for an audience solely of children. There are occasions where youngster are in the audience and Randy will always endeavor to include them in a way to keep them engaged while maintaining the integrity and flow of the show. Randy often performs on cruise ships, at corporate events and for religious organizations. Randy will never embarrass anyone, use foul language or be offensive to anyone in any way.
That's up to you. Randy can make a brief appearance or present a full 90-minute show. Typically stage shows are 40-60 minutes with 45 minutes the most common length. Strolling shows are typically longer. During discussions about your specific event, the ideal show length will be proposed.
Various factors come in to play when determining the fee for a performance. The date, location, size and type of show are all considered. While Randy is not the cheapest act you'll find; he is the best value and will make you look great. Randy is a world-class performer and your audience will be treated to a show that in many cases will be the most amazing and funniest show they'll ever experience.

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