Amazing Comedian Mentalist!

Watch This Mind Bending & Hilarious 2 Minute Video of Mentalist Randy Charach

Comedy Mentalist

Randy Charach makes Mind Reading Fun! His unique Comedy ESP Show (Mentalism) is an INTRERACTIVE COMEDY SHOW unlike all others. Randy blends his skills as a HEADLINE COMEDIAN and MIND MAGICIAN to take your audience on an amazing journey they will never forget.

Randy is available for Corporate Entertainment as the Corporate Mentalist. He also performs at both intimate and large private and public events. His show and comedy is custom tailored for each audience. Always Clean, always Funny and always Amazing!

Prepare to be amazed as Randy reveals the names of audience member's pets, accurately makes impossible predictions, can see while blindfolded, and so much more! No private or embarrassing information is ever revealed and the show is as funny as it is incredible.

Randy Charach - Comedian Mentalist

Comedian Mentalist To Make Your Next Event UNFORGETTABLE!

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Can Randy really minds? No, but he does know what you're thinking right now! You're wondering if he's the right choice as an entertainer to hire for your event. Boom! Well, the answer is YES and here's why...

Randy Charach is not a palm-reader or medium who acts as though he can reach your dead relative. He's a Comedy Entertainer who specializes in Mentalism and Hypnosis doing stage shows. His show is fast-paced, funny and amazing. He's as close to a real psychic as you can get and will have your audience believing he has clairvoyant powers. He's no fortune-teller or prophet. He is an amazing performer who will blow the minds of your audience while they laugh and are amazed.

"Mind-Blowing Show"


I just wanted to thank you for the most baffling, mind-blowing show to open our Donor Appreciation Weekend! It was thoroughly entertaining. Your psychic abilities and wonderful sense of humor had everyone laughing and scratching their heads. A very professional showman that knows how to work his audience. Thank you again, for a very entertaining evening.

- Mera Gleason
Whittington Center