Comedy Hypnosis Show

Hilarious Hypnosis Stage Show To Make Your Next Event Unforgettable! Watch This Fun 2 Minute Video Now and See For Yourself...

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The Randy Charach Interactive Comedy Hypnosis Show is unlike any other! Randy is a certified stage Hypnotist. He's also a Headline Comedian and award winning Mentalist. From the moment the show starts the fun and laughter begins with funny stand-up comedy relatable to each audience.

Once the group is warmed up and feeling connected to Randy, audience members are invited to have their thoughts read in amazing and hilarious ways. Now, as the anticipation of the feature portion of the show approaches, Randy demonstrates to the entire audience what Hypnosis looks and feels like.

Unlike typical Hypnosis shows, this build up and the eventual placing of people on stage into hypnosis is as fun, exciting and hilarious as the rest of the show. All questions, concerns and scepticism about Hypnosis are satisfied as the audience watch in amazement as people they personally know enter a trance like state and become the true stars of the show.

There are no humping of chairs in this show! Randy always presents a clean and tasteful performance where no one is embarrassed or offended. Your audience will be laughing so hard it hurts as they applaud and cheer on the volunteers.

It gets even crazier during the final moments. The hypnotized volunteers are sent out to interact with the audience in a whirlwind of crazy activity. Finally, Randy releases the volunteers from trance with positive suggestions and one final, funny suggestion that keeps the show going even after it has officially ended.

Comedy Hypnosis Show

Your Audience Can SEE the Show or BE the Show!

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Randy Charach Comedy Hypnotist

Randy Charach is the Hypnotist with a Twist! Not just your standard Mesmerizer swooning people into a trance and having them bark like a dog. His show is bewilderment at it's best. It's funny, original, hip and creative. Utilizing his experience as an expert in intuition, magic and comedy, Randy's Hilarious Hypnosis Show is like no other. Your audience will be amazed and have more fun than you can imagine. The volunteers truly become the stars of the show and will enjoy an amazing experience as your audience roots them on and have the time of their life.



Randy - I don't even know the words that would express how much we enjoyed your Hypnosis Show! You were the talk of the conference!!! What a fabulous amazing job!

- Cyndi Graham
International Association of Canine Professionals