Randy has been headlining in Las Vegas and performing throughout the world for over 3 decades.

During the course of over 10,000 live shows and over 100 radio and television appearances, Randy has become a sought after entertainer.

He makes venue managers and event planners look great.

Randy Charach Is The Only Entertainer Who Artfully Blends 4 Shows In 1.

He's A World-Class Comedian, Magician, Mentalist & Hypnotist.

Randy Charach - Riviera

Hello, I'm Randy Charach ~

I live in Vancouver, Canada with my wife, four daughters and our cat.

While I have performed in China, Japan and Europe; I perform mostly in Canada and throughout the United States. I have a U.S. Government issued work permit as an entertainer..

This is kind of a big deal as I've been carefully chosen and it's only issued to people "at an internationally recognized level of performance".

My love of performing as a 'mystery entertainer' began at the age of 5. It was when I met my Uncle who was a Las Vegas magician. I had the good fortune of learning from the best at a very young age.

Let's fast-forward to now; because you're probably wondering why you should book my show vs any other entertainer out there.

I know it's a tough and important decision when choosing an entertainer. Early in my career I started receiving way more bookings than my calendar could possible handle. So...

I started a talent booking agency and personally chose all the acts we represented. I did this for 12 years and in addition to thousands of shows I have performed; I've been in your shoes being responsible for selecting the right performers.

You can judge the quality of my show yourself by my demo videos. You can read the testimonials and reviews.

Performing At Corporate, Private & Public Events Is My Life & Has Been For Over 3 Decades.

I'm confident you'll be convinced that I'll do an incredibly funny and uniquely amazing show. You'll receive accolades for choosing to book me and will want to have me back.

While it's clear I'll over-deliver in performance; you're also going to discover my expertise will be invaluable in the pre-show stages.

Whether this is the first time you've booked entertainment or you do it for a living; I'll provide insights and flexibility that will make your job easier.

Performing is my passion. Helping event planners and venue bookers look great is my mission. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

If you're not planning an event and was just wondering what I'm about, then I guess you now realize I'm about family and performing. I'm a perfectionist and care a lot about my profession and being someone who's fun and great to work with. And I have a cat.

P.S. - In case you're interested; here's some fun facts...

Early Days

The first show I did was for my grade 5 class at the age of 10. I performed shows at private parties, comedy clubs, television shows and company functions throughout my school years.

Upon graduating school and studying both Business and Psychology in College, I became a full-time professional entertainer.

Randy Charach - Boy Magician
Randy Charach as Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald

While in my 20's I was approached by the advertising agency for McDonald's Restaurants to portray Ronald McDonald the famous hamburger clown.

I was Ronald for 6 years and managed to stay skinny and do many other shows as 'me' during that time.

Keynote Speaker

As I matured into adulthood and grew as an entertainer my shows began taking on different forms. Primarily booked as a Comedian and Magician I began being hired by organizations as a Keynote Speaker.

Television Appearances

Throughout the years I've had the pleasure of making numerous television appearances. Many of them were before the digital revolution and the footage has since rotted on old VHS Tapes.

Some clips were saved and are on the following video montage. Including a show I did with Ryan Stiles.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Fascinated by psychology, body language and the predictability of human behavior I became a certified practitioner of an applied psychology called Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP. My performance material began evolving to what is now known as "Mentalism". It's also referred to as Psychic Entertainment and Mind Reading and I make no claim of paranormal ability. In fact, I dislike those who share similar skills and pass them off as something other than learned abilities for the purpose of entertainment.

My appearance on a Television Show alongside "The Amazing Kreskin" was inspiration for my becoming a Mentalist.

The Amazing Kreskin


Movies are one of my passions and I produce and act in the occasional film. Here I play a tough guy in a movie I produced called "Senior Skip Day". The cast included my fellow Comedians... Norm MacDonald, Larry Miller and Russell Peters


Hypnosis is something I experimented with as a teenager. When I was 12 years old I hypnotized my friend Adam into believing he was eating an apple when it was really an onion he was eating. Kids can be cruel. In 1995 I recorded and published 18 different self-hypnosis audio programs.

It wasn't until many years later that I decided to add being a Stage Hypnotist to my repertoire. My first hypnosis show was for 1,000 people as the headliner on a Cruise Ship. It was a gutsy move, which paid off. I've since grown to love this entertainment form and my Hypnosis Show has quickly become my most requested type of show to book.

Hypnosis Collage