Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Headline Entertainer, Actor, Producer, Entrepreneur

Randy's mission is to entertain, educate and inspire professionals to raise the bar in all they do.

He's a certified hypnotist, a practitioner of NLP, DISC personality profile trainer, professional magician, comedian, and mentalist. Randy is a published author of several best-selling books, actor and film producer. He's appeared on over 100 radio and television shows and has conducted several thousand live presentations.

In addition to his career as an entertainer and speaker, Randy has founded and built several highly successful businesses. He's a prolific marketer and internet marketing expert.

Randy has been headlining in Las Vegas and performing and speaking throughout the world for over 3 decades.

During the course of thousands of live presentations and dozens of radio and television appearances, Randy has become a sought after keynote speaker and headline entertainer.

He makes venue managers and event planners look great.

He's A World-Class Comedian, Magician, Mentalist and Hypnotist. Randy is also a #1 best-selling author and expert on Customer Service, Corporate Culture, and Client Experience

Randy Charach - Riviera

Randy is an expert guest on CNN, Headline News, and many other major media outlets.

He's written several books, including his #1 Best-Selling book, Client Centric.

Whether presenting a Keynote on Customer Service or just providing pure entertainment, Randy Charach is always a hit.

When Randy presents as the Keynote Speaker at Corporate Events, he typically combines his comedy entertainment and audience interaction with his practical and immedialey usable lessons.

A look back at Randy in his earlier days, in Randy's Words...

Young Magician

The first show I did was for my grade 5 class at the age of 10. I performed shows at private parties, comedy clubs, television shows and company functions throughout my school years.

Upon graduating school and studying both Business and Psychology in College, I became a full-time professional entertainer.

Randy Charach - Boy Magician
Randy Charach as Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald

While in my 20's I was approached by the advertising agency for McDonald's Restaurants to portray Ronald McDonald the famous hamburger clown.

I was Ronald for 6 years and managed to stay skinny and do many other shows as 'me' during that time.

Business and Motivational Speaking

Beginning in the 80's, I have founded various businesses. As I also grew as an entertainer, my presentations began taking on different forms.

This is when I first started combining magical entertainment with a business or motivational message.

"Throw-back" Television Appearances

Throughout the years I've had the pleasure of making numerous television appearances. Many of them were before the digital revolution and the footage has since rotted on old VHS Tapes.

Some clips were saved and are on the following video montage. Including a show I did with Ryan Stiles.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Fascinated by psychology, body language and the predictability of human behavior I became a certified practitioner of an applied psychology called Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP. My performance material began evolving to what is now known as "Mentalism".

My appearance on a Television Show alongside "The Amazing Kreskin" was inspiration for my becoming a Mentalist.

The Amazing Kreskin

Acting and Producing

One of my numerous passions and business ventures is film producing. I also act in the occasional television shows and movie.

Here's a small clip where I played a tough guy in a movie I produced called "Senior Skip Day". Acting tough was a real stretch for me as an actor, as I am so, not tough!

The cast included my fellow Comedians... Norm MacDonald, Larry Miller and Russell Peters

Comedy Stage Hypnosis

When I was 12 years old I hypnotized my friend Adam into believing he was eating an apple when it was really an onion he was eating. Kids can be cruel. In 1995 I recorded and published 18 different self-hypnosis audio programs.

It wasn't until many years later that I decided to add being a Stage Hypnotist to my repertoire. I've since grown to love this entertainment form and my Hypnosis Show has quickly become my most requested type of show to book.

Hypnosis Collage